Gluttony & Logos In Philadelphia

Event Rich In Promo Products

Wing Bowl 22Billed as the biggest pre-Super Bowl party in the U.S., Wing Bowl 22 included 30 competitive eaters trying to down as many hot wings as they could in a short amount of time. Of course, multiple sponsors and more than 15,000 screaming – and early morning – fans were also on the scene. Hosted by Philadelphia sports talk radio station WIP, Wing Bowl is equal parts frat party, Mardi Gras and gastronomic display of gluttony.

Tickets were $5 with the proceeds going to charity. The winner, Molly Schuyler, a 5'7", 125-pound woman from Omaha, NE, ate 363 wings over three rounds – two 14-minute rounds followed by a two-minute dash to the finish. For her efforts, Schuyler won $22,000, as well as a crown adorned with mini rubber chickens.

The event was also rich with promotional products. Top eaters garner serious sponsorships, and each comes with products in tow. Entire sections of the Wells Fargo center saw each seat draped with a logoed item, and T-shirts were being offered by the radio station itself, a handful of local gentlemen's clubs, a hand cleaning product and several liquor companies. Also throughout the venue, there were drawstring bags, totes, foam fingers, lip balm, beads, socks and the ubiquitous beer cooler. Signage was plentiful too, with lots of tear drop banners, table skirts and pop-up displays.

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