Counselor Commentary: Can You Always Bounce Back?

"Shark Tank" Judges Say Entrepreneurs Should Get Used To Getting Smacked Down

Andy CohenAt The ASI Show in Orlando this week, Barbara Corcoran made a point that all business professionals should heed. Corcoran, along with Kevin O’Leary, two of the stars of ABC reality show Shark Tank, appeared as keynote speakers on Tuesday and provided a ballroom of more than 1,200 attendees with smart business advice for the New Year.

When asked what makes a company successful, Corcoran offered up a response that should be posted on the walls of every business today. “To turn an idea into a business, you need an entrepreneur that simply loves being smacked down and getting back up again,” she said. “They just need to relish that, and know that their next opportunity is going to be the big one.”

Do you relish the smack down? Most people don’t. But some are able to embrace it, laugh at it, learn from it, and come right back again for more. As Corcoran told the audience, the key to success in business today is flexibility combined with the ability to overcome any adversity that comes your way. And, as 2014 is getting underway, it’s an important message to always remember. Success isn’t always determined by the best product or the best service or the best marketing plan. It can often come directly from an entrepreneur’s vision and drive. “The most successful entrepreneurs are so driven to succeed that they don’t let anything get in their way,” Corcoran told the hosts of ASI Radio during a recent interview. “And, they’re flexible enough with their plans so that they don’t ever miss good opportunities.”

The ability to capitalize on opportunities when they’re in front of you is vital right now. The economy has recovered, clients are increasing their marketing budgets, companies are hiring. Opportunities for sales of promotional products are plentiful. Are you driven and flexible enough to capitalize on them?