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Meet Those Adept At Using Social Media In All Its Forms

Right Clickers

Twitter. Facebook. Pinterest. Blogs. Videos.

These people are so adept at using social media in all its forms to promote their businesses and themselves that their competitive edge is undeniable.

Look at Charity Gibson, head of Green Banana Promotions, who made the complacent and compliant in the industry sit up and take notice with her adapt-or-be-obsolete battle cry as she sat on social media panels at industry trade shows, espousing both the need and staying power of new media to keep the industry relevant and moving forward. Or Kathleen Booth from Quintain Marketing, who refocused her company's marketing approach to include a comprehensive social media package for clients and watched its sales skyrocket.

ECO Apparel by Boardroom's Jason Neve uses his blog and Twitter to raise awareness for the sustainability of eco-friendly clothing and how embracing it is just smart business in today's youth-driven consumer culture.

Kim Laffer, director of strategic development at Motivators Inc., creates video and interactive technology content so impactful and effective in driving traffic to their site that they won Counselor's Best New Media Promotion in 2011. Sergio Munoz, Debco's national program manager, took it upon himself to learn how technology and social media increase not only sales, but also performance, morale and workflow.

And let's not forget Kathy Whitburn from Counselor Top 40 Distributor American Solutions for Business. Go to YouTube and check out her equal-parts entertaining and informative "Check the Deck with Kathy" videos, in which she promotes her business and her marketing abilities in a way that's funny, compelling and memorable. Think social media is a passing fad? Then please step aside while these pioneers blaze a trail right past you ...


Kathleen Booth, Quintain Marketing
Kathleen Booth, owner and CEO of Quintain Marketing (asi/303131), has transformed her company into a full-service marketing and social media agency. She has also taught hundreds of ASI members at the 2011 and 2012 ASI shows how to blog, use social media and develop marketing plans. Her first job out of college was as a sales associate at Schlegel, a woven products company in Barcelona, and her suggestion for industry professionals is to differentiate themselves by focusing on creating a strong brand and offering clients added value.

Charity Gibson, Green Banana Promotions
Although she has "a thing for hot, fast cars" and believes that "ripped jeans and heels might possibly be the absolute best attire to wear to a business meeting," Charity Gibson certainly doesn't monkey around when it comes to networking for her company, Green Banana Promos. Described as one of the most active people in the industry on social networks, she claims that she "will consider my life a success if I get to my last breath and if nothing else people remember me for the sunshine I try to bring with me wherever I go." With an attitude like that, it is no surprise that Gibson is the highly-networked driving force behind Green Banana.

Kim Laffer, Motivators
Kim Laffer, director of strategic development at Motivators Inc. (asi/277780), leads the charge in the company's foray into interactive technology. Her team puts together videos and interactive contests to engage their clients; for their efforts, they were named Counselor's Best New Media Promotion in 2011. She likes many of Stanley Kubrick's films, any film featuring Chevy Chase and Will Farrell and Spaceballs. She loves to relax in her hometown of Miami, where she bikes along the boardwalk with her husband and veges out on the sands of South Beach.

Sergio Munoz, Debco
Sergio Munoz, national program manager at Debco (asi/48885), has dedicated himself to understanding today's cutting edge technology and loves to find ways to use it to improve workflow, increase productivity and bring customer service to the highest level. In his off hours, he can be found enjoying the great outdoors with his family, working out at the gym, hosting mouthwatering BBQs or eating his way across North America with his great passion and appreciation of all things food.

Jason Neve, Eco Apparel by Boardroom
Jason Neve, managing creative director at ECO Apparel by Boardroom (asi/40705), has been with the company for more than 10 years. In that time he has filled multiple roles, including graphic designer, social media maven and contributor to numerous industry publications. His favorite book is Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell and when not tweeting on behalf of his company, you can find him downhill skiing with his wife in Lake Tahoe.

Kathy Whitburn, American Solutions for Business
Kathy Whitburn had a novel idea to promote her business. As sales associate and marketing consultant at American Solutions for Business (asi/120075), she makes promotional web videos from her deck at home because she likes to connect to clients via an informal, relaxed media outlet. Her favorite books are the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich, and a film about her life would ideally star Kathy Griffin.