Sales Strategies - Pet Products

Tips For How To Sell One Of The Fastest-Growing Apparel Categories

Pet ProductsWhen it comes to family, every member counts – right down to our furry, four-legged pals. As adorable as their big, innocent eyes can be, however, sweet stares do little for our pets during their outdoor adventures, as they are inevitably exposed to the elements. According to Kimberly Damp, sales and marketing coordinator at Promopet (asi/79698), apparel for pets has "exploded" in popular demand over the past couple years for just that reason.

"Modern-day pets have become as spoiled on climate-controlled living conditions as their people, so being outdoors makes them more susceptible to misery when left in the heat or the cold," Damp says. "Cuteness aside, apparel for pets can actually be beneficial to their health and happiness."

Marketers have been quick to catch on to the vitality of pet apparel promotions. Some products that have been known to sell best are those that are durable, easy to wash, and stretch to fit varying shapes.

"Soft, breathable cotton is also very popular, especially in the warmer months," says Damp.

There is a broad spectrum of audiences to market to when promoting pet apparel. For instance, "A collegiate market is definitely an area where this trend does great," says Damp. "Alumni love to include their furry children in their school pride by dressing them in a shirt or jersey that features their school's colors or alma mater."

Bud Roberts, sales manager at Marathon/Prestige Lines (asi/68707), says: "Veterinaries and kennel clubs are some alternative places to keep in mind, for obvious retail purposes."

Although tees and hoodies are growing fashions in pet apparel, one product is universally sought-after by consumers. "You can't go wrong with offering pet bandanas of all shapes and sizes," says Roberts.

Damp agrees, noting the item is very versatile. "They work great for any organization wanting to promote pet wellness, adoption or rescue," she says. "Plus, they're a fun way to jazz up your pet's appearance."