Fabrics - Viscose Revealed

Looking For A Casual Option For Promotions? Try This Synthetic Fiber

ViscoseEasy, breezy fashion is in order as summer days heat up. While crisp cottons and performance poly-blends work well for sporty looks, a casual look which is slightly dressier can be created using a fabric called viscose.

Viscose is a synthetic fiber that is related to rayon. In fact, sometimes the two terms are used interchangeably because they're both cellulose-based and produced through a chemical process. It may also be referred to as "Viscose Rayon.” (There are other types of rayon, but viscose rayon is the most common. There are also other fabrics that are made into viscose, such as bamboo.) Either way, the fabric has a silky aesthetic that is comfortable to wear.

Viscose is a perfect fabric for summertime garments because of its light weight and absorbency. Its superb drape makes it a candidate for flowing accessories such as scarves. And while you don't frequently come across its use in imprinted apparel programs (perhaps because it stretches and shrinks more than cotton and has a tendency to wrinkle), it is unique enough to pitch to a variety of clients looking to do warm-weather promotions or appeal to a fashion-forward audience.

The beauty of viscose, however, is a dreamy look of casual elegance. "Our Viscose Collection features a fit and feel rarely found in the promotional apparel market," says Elyse Bonner, spokesperson for American Apparel (asi/35297). "The 4.2-oz., 100% viscose fabric, made in downtown Los Angeles, offers a soft-to-touch feel and a silk-like luster. Its lightweight yet sturdy construction offers many embellishment capabilities with high-end results. The fluidity of the viscose fabric against the body makes for a fashionable drape, like many blanks in the contemporary market."

Decorating viscose does require a bit more care than imprinting a cotton or polyester garment. "Viscose is a delicate fiber with a high melting point, so proceeding with caution is necessary," Bonner advises. She recommends direct-to-garment and rhinestone decorating techniques for embellishing viscose styles. Making that effort, though, pays off in a unique promotional garment that will be worn for many a warm-weather occasion.