Fabrics - Soft Appeal

Pamper Promotional Recipients With The Softest Apparel Fabrics

Soft AppealOne of the most important impressions a garment makes is how it feels. Is it soft, smooth or plush? Many apparel purchasing decisions are made after a buyer actually sees and feels an item. And, in many cases, the softer the better. Indeed, as apparel consultants, distributors can help their clients make a positive impression by choosing promotional apparel made of fabrics with a pleasing hand.

Classic examples, of course, are fabrics such as combed, ringspun cottons or a fine silk. Even fabrications that add a percentage of these fibers in a blend can yield a soothing effect. There are also luxurious fabrics such as velvet and cashmere that feel lush and look rich. A tightly-woven merino wool or a lofty fleece can give the impression of a “hug.” The key, suppliers say, is to become familiar with each fabric type so that you can walk clients through the differences and point out the benefits.

Aside from the type of fiber or fabrication, look for details about the quality of the yarn used to make the textile. A fine 40-singles yarn yields a smooth, lightweight fabric luxurious to wear. The Tri-Mountain Gold collection from Tri-Mountain (asi/92125), for example, recently introduced the Rosewood (W982), a 74%/26% cotton/polyester mini-striped dobby dress shirt in a 40-singles yarn that not only has an extremely soft hand, but it also resists wrinkles.

Think about the fabric's texture inside and out. You want the item to be nice for others to touch and to feel soft against the skin of the wearer. Shelly Renning, general merchandise manager for SanMar (asi/84863), suggests items that will make a consumer feel the most comfortable – like SanMar's new Red House ladies' sweater fleece full-zip jacket (RH55).

"With the soft, sweater-knit face and the fleece interior, this piece gives you the comfort of that favorite fleece with the contemporary professional design of a sweater," she says. "It's definitely a want-to-wear piece versus a have-to-wear piece."