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Wearable Accessories For High-Tech Products Are Expanding Rapidly

Tech AccesoriesTech devices are big ticket items, and it’s no surprise that promotional apparel and accessories are being redesigned to take advantage of their capabilities. “I think apparel will be designed to integrate with tech accessories, not the other way around,” says Jonathan Walther, sales and marketing for Nucom/Burk’s Bay (asi/74600). “Tech accessories are no longer geek toys, but an integral part of most everyone’s lifestyle, like shoes, socks and a belt. The clothes we wear will work together with tablets, smartphones and watches to be convenient, stylish and comfortable. Why would you want to take off your gloves when it’s cold outside to access all that your smartphone has to offer?”

As a result, tech accessories have become a must-sell option in distributors’ repertoire. Here are some items to look out for:

Touchscreen Gloves. Touchscreen gloves come in varying levels of price and styles. Burk’s Bay added lambskin leather touchscreen gloves to fit in with its line of leather jackets. Leather gloves are an excellent executive gift during the holidays or for an award – perhaps upsold with a leather jacket. Possible uses include anniversary gifts, safety awards, sales achievements, incentives and client gifts for markets like transportation, aviation and automotive.

“A luxury car buyer would very much appreciate a nice pair of leather gloves with their new car purchase,” Walther says.

Laptop Bags. Mobile Edge (asi/71854) has zeroed in on specialty features in carryalls. “In all of our new laptop cases, in addition to our laptop protection, we have added an additional tablet pouch, as many end-users carry both a laptop and a tablet with them,” says Matthew Olivolo, public relations director for Mobile Edge. “We use extra padding on shoulder straps and handles to ensure user comfort.”

The supplier offers any type of office-appropriate bag: backpacks, briefcases, messengers, handbags, portfolios and more. The company includes specialized options, like bags that accommodate larger laptops (most bags are built to hold laptops 15.4” or smaller) and ScanFast checkpoint-friendly cases that allow travelers to avoid taking their laptops out of their bag when going through airport security.

Sticky Wallets and Cleaners. Pop! Promos (asi/45657) offers a number of tech accessories, including sticky wallets that attach to the back of cellphones, sticky cleaners for electronic screens and pop-up stands for hands-free phone viewing. “These items put your client’s branding in a high visibility area – and they are conversation starters,” says Kelly Shermer, marketing assistant.

The company is able to Pantone match any of its items with company colors for high-impact branding. Says Shermer: “Any of these products are universal; they can be paired with touchscreen gloves, sunglasses or a Brandana to make a great promotion.”