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Totes Sure To Get Attention

Tote BagsTote bags offer clients an attractive apparel accessory that is sure to be used and get attention.

One of the most popular and convenient items to carry and use as an apparel accessory is a tote bag. It can be used for shopping, the beach, traveling, or as a general purse or carry-all. Its versatility is part of its charm and what makes it desirable for a variety of markets and promotional campaigns. The unadorned bags given out at the grocery store are being replaced by sophisticated, bring-with-you-everywhere styles.

Fashion experts at publications like GQ and Harper’s Bazaar have seen more stylish tote bags come into play recently. So is the trend being noticed in the promotional product industry as well? “Fashion defines our totes,” says Melinda Gorentz, category manager for Polyconcept North America, parent company of Leed’s (asi/66887). “You’ll find fashion integrated at every price point – from laminated nonwoven totes with a chevron pattern to our branded Guess and Kenneth Cole totes.”

It’s no longer about just putting a brand name on a bag, but incorporating fashion into it as well. When you bring together fashion and durability, you’re more likely to connect with a variety of markets. “There are two key styles gaining traction right now – utility and cotton totes,” says Gorentz. “Cotton, natural materials and colors are becoming more and more popular as seen in our Alternative line. We are also seeing a rise in utility totes that are all about efficiency.”

Because tote bags are so convenient, end-users will store whatever they can in them and use them multiple times, thus gaining valuable impressions for advertisers. Gorentz has noticed the medical industry using tote bags more.

“Given the nature of the job,” she says, “totes are very popular and useful when it comes to carrying necessary gear for the day. Stethoscopes, charts, lunch – you name it – it’ll fit in a tote.” The practicality of these bags is noticeable, and it’s not just women using them. Gorentz saw more men than women with totes on a recent trip to Tokyo.

Your tote bag should make a statement; have some fun and get creative with them. Gorentz says, “Picking a bag is an art form, which is why making them fashionable is truly a science.”