Trends - Pajama-Style Fashions

The Relaxed Look Is In

Pajama ShortsYou only had to look so far as Marc Jacob’s or Rochas’s “Resort 2014” collections to see that designers continue to cozy up to pajama-themed fashions. From comfy silk blouses to loose-fitting jacquard-woven pants, the pajama trend offers supreme comfort tailored with suave sophistication. And it’s a look that’s catching on for many demographics right now.

“The popularity of loose-fitting women’s apparel has continued to grow over the past few years and isn’t expected to lose steam anytime soon,” says Ashley Nielsen, marketing manager for S&S Activewear (asi/84358).

As pajama fashions are primarily outfit-based, they provide the promotional arena with an alternative to its heavy focus on standalone pieces. PJ bottoms are among the most popular items. “Flannel pajama bottoms have been around for years and are popular for school and athletic programs,” says Nielsen.

Pat Prosser, senior marketing manager for Boxercraft (asi/41325), says that pajama-inspired apparel has developed primarily in response to a need for convenience. “People are not just looking for comfy clothes,” she says. “They also want apparel that can be worn in all the different environments they find themselves in, whether it’s work, home or the gym.”

She adds that pajama-styled fashions have become more upscale as a result, and have become more acceptable in many social situations – a potential boon for distributors.

“What was once referred to as loungewear is now being seen out-of-doors,” she explains. As far as decoration is concerned, experts suggest looking for a soft print that matches the comfy feel of the garment. “A simple distressed discharge print gives a nice tonal look that is also incredibly soft,” says Dan Corcoran, owner of Forward Printing. “This works well since the shirt is so thin and soft.”