Colors - Back in Black

A Look At One Of The Most Popular Promotional Colors

BlackBlack is indeed the color of the moment in high-end fashion. Fall/winter collections from designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Balmain, Balenciaga and Givenchy flaunt this neutral’s simple chic in everything from blazers to handbags, dresses and pants.

“Black is hands-down the universal business clothing color,” says Mary Ellen Nichols, director of marketing and communications for Bodek and Rhodes (asi/40788). “The color portrays class, elegance, wealth and sophistication with a touch of mystery.”

She calls it a go-to neutral and “the building block of most wardrobes,” with its versatility the main reason it’s so useful for promotional and corporate wear. “Black is a safe hue that flatters every skin palette, and it’s the springboard for the introduction of many contrasting shades,” she says. “Plus, it’s downright slimming.”

Amit Gupta, CEO of MONAG Apparel (asi/72010), calls black a classic color that is adaptable to any style and suitable for a wide range of age groups. He observes that black is presently a favorite for tops in particular.

“In the past,” he says, “black seemed to be more popular for bottoms – pants, skirts, shorts and so on – but now, with the popularity of colorful bottoms, black tops and tees make a great match.”

And because of the depth and dimension it creates with designs, black remains a top choice for use with graphics.