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Press Release Dos and Don’ts

In my last blog post, I talked about the continued importance of your standard press release. Now, as promised, I’m going to lay out a couple of basic dos and don’ts when composing your releases. Believe me, I’ve seen plenty of press releases that violate these rules, and more often than not, those are the types of releases that get deleted without a second’s thought.

DO include complete contact information for you and your shop. You want the reporter to be able to easily follow up on your press release if they have any questions.

DON’T send your press release to every email address you find at your local paper. This will just cause confusion in the newsroom and annoy busy reporters, especially if they aren’t the proper target for your news. If you can’t figure out the best person to send your release to after some simple Internet sleuthing, I would recommend calling the newsroom of your local paper, describing your news or upcoming event and asking for contact information for the editor or reporter most likely to be interested.

DO find several outlets to share your big news with. Try sending the press release to the relevant contact person at your local weekly and daily newspapers. You can also seek out industry trade magazines, local business journals and online news sources that cover your region or your niche. You want to cast a wide, but targeted, net.

DO have someone else read over your release before sending. A friend or colleague may notice something you’ve missed; plus, a fresh set of eyes might catch typos or other mistakes, which would make your press release seem less professional.

DO include photos, videos and other multimedia when applicable, but make sure those photos are high-quality and high-resolution so they’ll reproduce well in print.

DON’T get too wordy. Your press release doesn’t have to be long. Include the 5 Ws (who, what, when, where and why) to give the journalist the gist of your news, and consider using bullet points to break up text. Don’t waste time on irrelevant information, like a long history of your company.

DO use quotes from relevant sources in your company, even if you’re just quoting yourself. You want the press release to read like a news story, written in the third person, so it’s easier for the journalist to reproduce it in their publication.

Check out this nifty infographic for more dos and don’ts.

And here’s a post from Hubspot on writing press releases, along with a handy template you can swipe the next time you have news that needs to be shared.


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