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Report: Manufacturing Growth Surges

Now may be a good time for distributors to start connecting with new clients in the manufacturing industry.

Fastest Growth In More Than 3 Years »

PCNA Acquires HumphreyLine

As first reported in a Breaking News Alert on Friday, Top 40 supplier Polyconcept North America (PCNA) has acquired supplier firm HumphreyLine (asi/62050).

Financial Terms Not Revealed »

Proforma Graphic Services Acquires Premier Graphic Solutions

Columbus, OH-based distributor Proforma Graphic Services (asi/300094) announced yesterday that it has acquired fellow Columbus company Premier Graphic Solutions (asi/298484).

Financial Terms Were Not Disclosed »

Supplier Recalls USB Charging Cables

As first reported in a Breaking News Alert last week, California-based supplier Tectron International (asi/90699) has voluntarily recalled about 55,000 USB charging cables due to a fire hazard.

Manufactured In China »

Point the Way

As the second-largest product category in the ad specialty industry, writing instruments provide multiple opportunities for distributors.

An Analysis Of 4 Popular Markets To Sell Pens To »

The Next Generation

What’s most popular in writing instruments today, and where is the market headed?

7 Suppliers Detail Biggest Trends Impacting Pen Sales »

International Expansion

Consumers all over the globe are increasingly engaged and informed – and ready to hear the message promotional products have to deliver.

4 Burgeoning Markets Rife With Opportunity »

Collector’s Item

Lisa Anderson isn’t in the habit of cursing her husband, but it wasn’t always that way.

Take A Peek Into The Burgeoning World Of Pen Collection »

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