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The Way You Write Can Reveal A Lot About You

Analyze This The way you write can reveal a lot about you.

Can your handwriting give insight into your personality? Absolutely, researchers say. In fact, there's a whole field of study based on handwriting analysis called graphology. In a nutshell, the theory goes, the style of your writing – including the loops, the slant and the spacing – can indicate more than 500 personality traits.

Top 40 distributor National Pen (asi/281040) recently set out to pull years of graphology research together to provide analysis, and to have a little fun, too.

Counselor: In analyzing handwriting, what can the size and shape of letters say about someone's personality?
National Pen: Large letters can indicate a person is outgoing, people-oriented and outspoken. On the other hand, small letters can mean a person is withdrawn, studious and meticulous. In talking about shape, round letters show creativity and someone who's artistic. Meanwhile, pointed letters indicate aggression, intelligence and curiosity. Connected letters reveal logic and someone who is systematic.

Counselor: What about spacing/slanting?
National Pen: Wide spacing shows the writer doesn't like to be overwhelmed or crowded, while narrow spacing usually means the writer can't stand to be alone. If people write with no slant, they tend to be practical. If they slant to the right, they're open to new experiences and enjoy meeting new people. A slant to the left generally means they keep to themselves.

Counselor: How about looping – what can that show?
National Pen: People who write with narrow "L" loops may mean they feel tense, but wider "L" loops can indicate they are relaxed and spontaneous. There's research on the letter "E," too. Narrow "E" loops can mean the writer is skeptical of others, while wide "e" loops signify open-mindedness.

Counselor: Can the way people dot their i's and cross their t's mean something?
National Pen: Dotting to the left of the "i" can mean the writer is a procrastinator and slashing the "i" can mean the writer is overly self-critical. Dotting to the right of the "i" signals the writer is emphatic. Crossing the "t" at the very top can indicate ambition and good self-esteem. Long crosses can mean the writer tends to be stubborn, while short crosses can indicate laziness.

Counselor: Analysts also pay close attention to the letters "O" and "S," right? Why?
National Pen: They do. Talkative and social people tend to have open O's. Private and introverted people can have closed O's. A round cursive letter "S" means the writer is a people pleaser. A pointed, cursive letter "S" indicates ambition, while a cursive letter "S" that's wide towards the bottom can mean the person is not following his or her heart, in career or other pursuits.

Counselor: If handwriting shows someone tends to write fast, what does that tell researchers?
National Pen: Kind of what you'd expect. Writing quickly can mean the writer is impatient, and writing slowly can mean a person is methodical and self-reliant.

Counselor: What do handwriting experts have to say about page margins?
National Pen: If people write on the left-hand margin, they have a hard time letting things go. Writing all over the page means a person's mind is constantly running, while writing on the right-hand margin can represent fear of the unknown and constant worrying.

Counselor: What about heavy versus light pressure – does that make a difference?
National Pen: It sure can. Heavy pressure can signal a person who is good with commitment and takes things seriously. It can also mean someone has a lot of energy. Light pressure can show sensitivity and empathy for others, but also, in some cases, a lack of energy.

Counselor: Does a hard-to-read signature mean someone is an introvert or extrovert?
National Pen: A hard-to-read signature means the writer is likely an introvert.

Counselor: How do analysts use handwriting to tell if someone is lying?
National Pen: Handwriting that's bunched up, out of alignment, or different from the rest can indicate a lie.

Counselor: What can handwriting reveal about a person's health?
National Pen: Handwriting with variable pressure can mean a person may have high blood pressure. Trembles in writing can indicate Alzheimer's disease, and very, very small or cramped writing can mean Parkinson's disease. Writing that varies in slants within the same sentence may signal schizophrenia.