Marketers Increase Emphasis On Social, Mobile, Video

Increase In Brand Advertising

A new survey shows that brand marketers are increasing their use of social, mobile and video in their marketing campaigns. The study, conducted by research firm CMO Council, found that 70% of brand marketers plan to use more social media in their promotional efforts this year, while 69% cite mobile and 64% name video as areas that they plan to increase this year.

According to the survey, the difference in these efforts this year is that companies are focusing on branding in their online marketing as opposed to direct response. In fact, the survey reports that brand advertising will see a big increase in spending, with 63% planning to up investments, compared with the 51% of marketers who say they’ll be putting more dollars to direct response.

The survey, though, cites some hindrances that are keeping marketers from putting more dollars to digital branding initiatives, especially difficulty in measuring return on investment (ROI). Sixty-nine percent of marketers surveyed said they would increase online brand ad spending if there was improved clarity around ROI, and 68% said they wanted to be able to measure the impact of the advertising just like they’re able to do with their offline ad efforts.