Building Business With Smart Marketing Strategies

Lay Off Email, Start Texting

Marketing StrategiesIn a Friday morning session at the ASI Canada Power Summit, Debco's (asi/48885) Alex Morin listed several ways – some simple, others sophisticated – that companies can engage clients and prospects.

One basic approach that Morin recommends is to back off e-mailing customers and to start texting them. "There's technology that's been around for a long time, but it's not being used effectively," he said. "Texting is a lot more personal. You're bombarded with e-mails – you might get 200 a day – but you get fewer texts. Now we just take our marketing message and insert it into a text."

Morin, Debco's executive vice president of sales and marketing, also spoke about the benefits of identifying trends and translating them into products and services. "I like to look at financial news, technological news and make connections between that news and the voids I see in the marketplace," he said. "You can come up with a unique idea based on what's trending in the world."

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