Survey: Sales Performances Strong In 2012

Reps Face Higher Growth And Revenue Targets In 2013

Sales Performances Strong In 2012A new report released by firm CSO Insights shows 63% of salespeople worldwide reached their quotas in 2012, contributing to overall revenue plan attainment of 88%. The report, which includes data from 1,200 firms, also revealed salespeople face higher growth targets (12.2% higher on average) and revenue targets (16.4% higher) in 2013 – a challenging environment that could lead to movement among reps. "The immovable object – reps staying put – and the irresistible force – growing organizations – means something's got to give," said Barry Trailer, managing partner at CSO Insights. "We believe you'll be seeing a spike in turnover this year."

Other survey findings detail the impact of social media, mobile and data collection trends. "Social selling in B2B will not grow as fast as everyone thinks, mobility will be bigger, and big data could be huge," said Jim Dickie, managing partner at CSO Insights. "While social media has seen big increases in numbers of users, benefits are still uncertain. But there's no uncertainty at the enthusiasm individual reps and, by extension, companies running fast to keep up, are showing for tablets and other mobile devices."

Survey results also show the top goals for firms in 2013 are improved lead generation and better alignment between sales and marketing departments. While lead generation remains important to firms, there's little evidence that leads obtained by marketing teams turn into more sales. In fact, salespeople that found their own prospects in 2012 (when compared to marketing-delivered leads) closed sales with nearly the same success rate in 2012, according to data.