Romney Beats Obama In Final ASI Poll

Romney Overwhelmingly Preferred Candidate Among Men And Women

Election 2012Former Massachusetts governor and GOP nominee Mitt Romney holds a commanding 70%-29% lead over President Barack Obama in the November poll, released this morning. Romney's lead has grown by 23 points since the initial ASI poll in September – at that point the Republican nominee garnered 57% of the vote. Romney remains the overwhelmingly preferred candidate among both male and female ASI members, as well as distributors. Obama still wins more support among suppliers than Romney, results show.

Also similar to previous ASI polls, those who back Romney are more likely than those who back Obama to be ad specialty industry owners (65%-35%) or senior executives of companies (68%-30%). Sales reps now lean slightly toward Obama (54%-46%), while those who work in customer service positions continue to show more support for the president (53%-40%).

Poll internals show Romney leads among men by 49 points (74%-25%) and by 27 points among women (63% vs. 36%). In considering voting preferences by age, ASI members by all standard classifications support Romney over Obama. The support grows stronger, though, as the member age category increases. About 61% of those under age 29 back Romney in the ASI poll, while 79% of those over age 65 prefer him.

Romney appears to have increased his lead among ASI members because of his debate performances. About 71% of respondents feel the presidential debates are "important" in choosing a commander-in-chief. Two-thirds (66%) of total respondents now believe Romney will be elected president today, a number that's essentially unchanged since the October poll.

Romney's strength in the ASI poll continues to be far greater than the support he receives in national tracking polls. The most recent Gallup survey, for example, shows Romney ahead of Obama by a 49%-48% margin among likely voters. Gallup data shows Romney with a nine-point advantage among men and Obama with a nine-point advantage among women.