Google Launches Business Credit Card Program

Search Engine Corp. Now Offering Credit Cards To Small Businesses

GoogleAiming to help small businesses with their online advertising, Google has introduced a unique credit program. The Internet search engine corporation is now offering credit cards to small businesses, which can use the plastic to pay for AdWords, Google's online advertising technology. Dubbed the AdWords Business Credit, the program is geared to help businesses both pay for their AdWords initiatives and monitor their spending.

This week, Google began implementing the program with companies in the United Kingdom. Select U.S. businesses could be invited to participate in the program later this month. With plans to offer U.S. businesses an annual percentage rate of 8.99% with no annual fees, Google piloted AdWords Business Credit last summer with more than 1,400 businesses in America and the U.K.

With AdWords advertising, businesses can bid on certain keywords and create ads, which then appear in the sponsored link section of an Internet surfer's Google search results.