ASI Radio Exclusive: Forbes Talks Business & Politics

Noted Economist Offers Presidential Prediction And Small-Business Advice

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Steve ForbesTuesday's ASI Internet Radio Show featured a special interview with Steve Forbes – the two-time GOP presidential candidate and the editor-in-chief of Forbes Magazine. Forbes, a noted economist of flat-tax fame, joined the program to offer his prediction on the upcoming presidential election and to give advice to small-business owners. "Watch cash flow like a hawk and then some," said Forbes, who will give a keynote address on January 7, 2013, at The ASI Show Orlando. "Be prepared for curveballs and be adaptable. Remember what your purpose is. Ask yourself what kind of company you want to have five years into the future."

Acknowledging that the current economic climate is still uncertain, Forbes encouraged business owners to invest and endure. "We will recover from this environment," he said. "Those who make it through the storm will be in a much stronger position to expand."

Looking to the future, Forbes touted American innovation and explained why he expects a revival of U.S. manufacturing in the years ahead. "More and more manufacturing is impacted by high technology in terms of material and robotics," he said. "It depends not just on labor costs, but on brainpower, and we're very good on the brainpower part. Manufacturing's changing and we're leading it."

With the presidential election now less than a month away, Forbes also predicted Republican Mitt Romney would defeat President Barack Obama, drawing a distinction between the candidates' economic platforms. "Romney understands – and people grasp this more than ever before – that small and medium-sized businesses are fonts of innovation in this economy and also in job creation," Forbes said.

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