Promo Products Commemorate Democratic Convention

See Photo Gallery Of DNC Promo Products

DNCThe Democratic National Convention (DNC) is underway this week in Charlotte, NC, packed with agendas, parties, delegates, media and lots of logoed products. Vendors filled busy sidewalks hocking everything from caps and T-shirts to lanyards and buttons. Election button slogans ran the gamut from the traditional "Obama 2012" to a Redd Foxx-inspired "Vote Obama, you big dummy."

While standing in a long line at the official DNC merchandise store, two New Hampshire delegates, a married couple, reminisced about past promo items. "We attended the president's inauguration and there was every sort of product imaginable," said the husband, holding an Obama T-shirt and bumper sticker. His wife spotted promo pet items, but was disappointed that there were no "I Bark for Barack" collars. There were, however, "I Meow for Michelle" collars, but she didn't buy any because she said she "doesn't want to confuse the dog."

Special interest groups and non-partisans also got in on the promotional product bonanza. Planned Parenthood gave out condoms that said "Protect yourself from Romney & Ryan in this election," the United Health group offered free screens and logoed exercise bands and reps from handed out silicone bracelets. In addition, the South Carolina visitor's bureau distributed iPhone shock cases, hand fans and mint tins. The National Constitution Center was in attendance, giving out word magnets to those who videotaped a six-word stump speech.

The big score of the day for nearly everyone outside the convention center, though, was the President Obama trail hitch ball cover. About 3,000 were handed out by PrezHead to happy conventioneers. "If they don't smile they burst out with a laugh," said Michael McGinnis, president of PrezHead.

Click here to view a photo gallery provided by Managing Editors Joan Chaykin and Joe Haley. For a look at promotional products images from last week's GOP Convention in Tampa, click here.