California Town Considers Bag Ban Repeal

Opponents Want Voters To Decide

Bag Ban RepealHuntington Beach, CA, is moving toward overturning a ban on single-use plastic bags, a change that would be the first of its kind in the nation. Last week, by a 6-1 vote, city leaders formally began a process to repeal the ban, which was enacted in 2013. Opponents of the legislated restriction argue there is no evidence that it helps protect the environment. They want voters to decide whether or not a ban is warranted.

“What’s most harmful to me is that the choice is taken away from the shoppers,” Councilman Mike Posey told the Orange County Register. “I don’t want to trash the ocean. I don’t want to trash the beach. I just want liberty.”

After the ban was instituted, some locals complained about having to bring reusable sacks to shop or to pay for paper bags. Many other residents, though, fully support the plastic bag prohibition, believing it has helped make Huntington Beach cleaner. “It’s better for the environment,” local surfer John Butler told the Register.

Plastic bag bans – or the repeal of them – have the ability to affect the advertising specialty industry. Bans potentially create fresh opportunities for the selling of items like reusable grocery totes. Depending on how the situation goes locally, the Huntington Beach ban could be repealed as early as May 20.