China’s Canton Fair Displays Product Trends

Many Will Be Sold Into North American Ad Specialty Industry

Canton FairPhase 2 of China’s 115th session of the Canton Fair, held in Guangzhou, opened yesterday and offered a showcase for the latest gift and premium products, many of which are sold into the North American ad specialty industry through the 3,400 suppliers listed with ASI. Often called the “world’s workshop,” China’s exports were $114.1 billion in February of this year alone.

“The Canton Fair, as a vane and barometer of China’s foreign trade and international market, is standing at a new starting point and facing new challenges,” said Wang Zhiping, the deputy director general and grand secretary general of the event. “How can the Fair seize the opportunity for further development, and make more contribution to the steady growth, structural adjustment and nurturing new competitiveness of China’s foreign trade, especially when the global market is recovering and the benefits of domestic reforms are to be released? Without a doubt, the Canton Fair will consistently uphold the idea of reform and innovation, so as to sustain development.”

Broken into three phases – Phase 1 was held from April 15-19 and Phase 3 runs from May 1-5 – the show draws over 130,000 attendees from around the world who come to visit nearly 60,000 exhibitor booths. Trends from the show floor include an emphasis on 3D printers, which are now offered in compact and portable sizes with some priced under $500. Also on display from exhibitors is a subtle shift away from plastic-based items and more towards eco-friendly and items constructed from wood and bamboo, as well as more factories touting their safety and social compliance.

With many North American ad specialty suppliers attending this event, which dovetails with the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Show next week, the product choices they make in these two weeks will be the items industry distributors will see in catalogs in the upcoming months.

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