Counselor Commentary: Business Resolutions For 2014

Handful Of Simple Resolutions Every Distributor Should Keep

Dave VagnoniIt’s the beginning of a new year, which means more and more Americans aren’t really resolving to do anything. Polls show just 30% of people in the U.S. are making New Year’s resolutions, with just 15% likely to keep them. (Seriously, it’s like we’re not even pretending to try anymore.) Whatever your personal goals are for this year, don’t forget to make a few business resolutions, too. Here are a handful of simple ones every distributor should keep.

1) Try a different tact – Instead of calling customers to pitch products, use a less direct approach. Call one client every day and just say thanks for his or her business. No expectations. No strings attached. It’s a very disarming sales strategy and, if nothing else, it shows you’re more than simply an order taker.

2) Give five minutes to Instagram – Now is a great time to start appealing to broader and more diverse groups – both for new hires and prospects. Pay special attention to Millennials, who love social media, especially Instagram. Post a picture every morning. It can be a photo of a cool product, a behind-the-scenes snapshot or something totally off the wall like a traffic jam. The key is to first relate and secondly to respond when people comment.

3) Turn to more suppliers – Sure, it’s nice to have a group of go-to suppliers, but open up your network a bit. Find at least one new supplier to work with this year, giving the closest looks to companies that offer mobile, tech or multi-use items. That’s where the trend lines are pointing.

4) Self-promote every season – One of the biggest mistakes distributors make is to forget to market themselves. Show your creativity by using promotional products in self-promotion campaigns. Suppliers are happy to help with ideas and will often grant price breaks to get their products in the hands of end-buyers.