Companies To Increase Content Marketing Investments

Blogs, Web Postings, Social Media Part Of Strategy

Content MarketingA new survey from research company NewsReach reports that companies will increase their spending on content marketing in 2014 as they look to appeal even closer to their customers. Using venues ranging from blogs and web postings to a variety of social media outlets, companies are intensifying their focus on content marketing so they can engage their intended audiences as closely as possible.

Content marketing has become so vital to many companies that they’re increasingly outsourcing the creation of it. In 2012, 58% of companies did not outsource at all, but that figure decreased this year to 50% of companies that create content solely in-house. In addition to spending more on developing clear strategies and creating compelling content, brands may also look to invest more in testing and analysis, content seeding and paid content discovery, according to respondents. “You will see more brands buying actual media companies in 2014,” said Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute.

With content marketing becoming a full-blown strategy for many companies, automation and technology are also playing an increasing role in the administration of the process. “The more sophisticated content marketing becomes, the more difficult and labor-intensive it is to manage, and we’re at the stage now where a lot of marketers are going to be looking to technology to make their lives easier,” said Chris Trimble, director of content at NewsReach parent company Axonn Media. “Currently there’s little in the way of quality tech designed specifically to help with content marketing. This will certainly change.”