Bess Cohn Humanitarian Award Nominee - The Race is On

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Bess Cohn Humanitarian Award Nominee - The Race is OnIn honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) held a series of Runs for the Cure, sponsored by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Image Group (asi/230059), located in Vancouver, signed up as a regional sponsor for the Run held in its home city and, along with several generous suppliers, donated $25,000 worth of imprinted promotional products to the event.

“We always strive to exceed expectations,” says President Laura Hansen. “For each client, the process begins with a keen interest in their goals and a strong understanding of the products available. Promotional products aren’t the most important things in our clients’ world, but they are in ours.”

Since its inception over 20 years ago, Image Group has been involved with charitable events and projects in various capacities. Its work with the CBCF began in 2008, when Terry Cochrane, account manager for CBCF, received a call from the organization’s director of communications and marketing. “She was a previous contact of Terry’s from another company,” says Hansen. “When she moved over to CBCF, she got in touch with Terry to request that he continue to work with her. It just goes to show that good relationships are so important.”

For the 2013 CBCF Run for the Cure in Vancouver, Image Group and other industry organizations donated banner pens, silicone bracelets, nail filing boards, microfiber cleaning cloths and other items, all imprinted with the event logo and date, as well as breast health tips for women. Thanks to Image Group’s attention to detail, all items were ready on time to be in the end-user’s hands by October 6. “There’s full redundancy built into everything we do,” says Hansen, “so we can anticipate most problems before they arise, and select the most reliable product suppliers and shipping companies.”

The Run for the Cure isn’t the only event Image Group has worked on for CBCF. At the 18th Annual Awareness Day Luncheon, hosted by the CBCF BC/Yukon region in the BC Ballroom at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, Image Group supplied pashminas in three different shades of pink and draped them over the chairs for an eye-popping effect. “Bif Naked, a Canadian singer-songwriter, was the guest speaker as a breast cancer survivor,” says Hansen. “She told her inspiring story about overcoming her fears of the disease, and some of the guests used the pashminas to dry their tears.”

Image Group has clients in a broad range of industries, mainly in manufacturing, professional services, entertainment, retail and media, while continuing to look for ways to give back. “We always have projects on the go with the key charities we give to,” says Hansen, “and we’ll broaden our reach as we can.”

Why does Image Group take the time out of its busy schedule to contribute to community causes? It’s about the larger picture, says Hansen. “Charitable efforts help us develop and grow as people and a company,” she explains. “We gain new perspectives and feel good about making our community a better place, even in a small way. We want to live our lives to the fullest and we want others to as well. We’re selfish that way.”