Best Places to Work - Genumark

Check Out The 'Swagatorium'

Creative environment motivates employees at this Canadian distributor firm.

How'd They Do That?

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The centerpiece of the Genumark (asi/204588) office is an impressive showroom dubbed the Swagatorium. Equipped with a basketball hoop, bicycles, golf equipment, and just about every kind of promotional product one could imagine, the Swagatorium is a company meeting place. "We like to have a place where people can meet and see what we do," says John Gill, left, CFO of the company. "For us, that's the Swagatorium." Ultimately, that laid-back environment leads employees to make their stays with the company nearly permanent. "It's like the Hotel California here," says Ken Dumond, right, vice president of business development. "You can check out anytime but nobody ever leaves."