Best Places to Work - Pinnacle Promotions

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Celebratory culture and creative workspace motivates employees at this Atlanta distributor firm.

Apparel Showcase

You’d think a small, young company would turn any occasion into a celebration. But what about Pinnacle Promotions (asi/295986), a 20-year-old 85-employee company? “We like to celebrate anything we can – big or small,” says CEO Mitch Weintraub, second from right, along with his brother Dave (second from left) and Counselor editors Andy Cohen and Melinda Ligos. “We have a very friendly corporate culture, where employees enjoy spending time with each other.” But, it’s the workspace that really motivates people. It includes a cafeteria that looks more like an old-time diner with leather-backed booths to sit in, as well as seven conference rooms that are all named after inspirational and creative people such as Jimi Hendrix, Leonardo da Vinci and Elvis Presley. “We’re in a creative business,” Mitch says, “so we want to make sure we’re giving people the space here to be as creative as possible.”

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