Best Places to Work - Proforma Albrect & Co.

Meet The Husband-And-Wife Owners

Owners create collegial and highly motivated culture at this Milford, OH-based distributorship.

Best Places to Work

Fred & Suzette Albrecht, husband-and-wife owners of Proforma Albrecht & Co. (asi/116308), fully believe in high-level office design and amenities as a way to motivate employees. When the company moved to its headquarters six years ago, Suzy said she “was very picky” about everything from employee chairs (they had to be ergonomic) to the conference room, which is decked out with cozy sofas and brightly colored bar stools that bounce (they have springs on the bottom). Plus, Albrecht’s lunchroom is stocked with drinks and subsidized snacks, and the company has an extensive library of the latest video releases which employees can check out for free. “I hear people talk about motivating employees by giving them free products they’ve gotten from suppliers, and I was amazed by that,” Suzy says. “That’s not motivating. For me, motivation is creating a real nice work space for people.”

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