Best Places to Work - SanMar

Meet The Folks At SanMar!

Family atmosphere, a great café and onsite gym help motivate this supplier’s employees.

Best Places to Work

Stroll through SanMar’s headquarters in Issaquah, WA, and you can’t help but notice the many signs describing the company’s “Family Values.” There are six of them: be nice, serve the customer, invest in each other, make a difference, do the right things and deliver quality. It serves as both an internal and external roadmap for SanMar, which has an onsite gym (along with locker rooms), a well-appointed cafeteria serving healthy and tasty meals (at highly-subsidized prices by the company), and a telecommuting policy that allows service people to work from home if they want. “We’re a family business that has grown significantly, so you have to be diligent about keeping the family feel,” says Jeremy Lott, president. “We want people to feel comfortable, and we want to give them good reasons to stay.”

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