SOI 2013 - Supplier Multi-Million Dollar Roundtable

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The Multimillion-Dollar Roundtable is a designation presented to suppliers reporting a sales volume of $5 million and over.

ASI#CompanyMMRT Designation
43668Camsing GlobalMMRT Gold Dist
73967135Promos.comMMRT Gold Supp
47521A T CrossMMRT Gold Supp
47520A T Cross CompanyMMRT Gold Supp
30250A Z X Sport AmericaMMRT Gold Supp
30251A Z X Sport CanadaMMRT Gold Supp
30121A/4 Moshay IncMMRT Gold Supp
30270Aakron Rule CorpMMRT Gold Supp
31001Acrylic Le-BoMMRT Gold Supp
34345Ad BandsMMRT Gold Supp
31260ADCAPITOL Aprons, Bags, Banners, Flags & WearablesMMRT Gold Supp
97270ADG Promotional ProductsMMRT Gold Supp
32050AdmoreMMRT Gold Supp
32145Adva-Lite Inc.MMRT Gold Supp
31570Advantage IndustriesMMRT Gold Supp
33150Affinity Business Accessories LLCMMRT Gold Supp
34040Alexander Mfg CoMMRT Gold Supp
34321Allegheny Printed PlasticsMMRT Gold Supp
34408Alpha Shirt CompanyMMRT Gold Supp
34817Alstyle Apparel & ActivewearMMRT Gold Supp
30194AMA SystemsMMRT Gold Supp
35290American Ad Bag CoMMRT Gold Supp
35297American ApparelMMRT Gold Supp
36230Anico Intl (Plush Animals)MMRT Gold Supp
36350Anvil Knitwear IncMMRT Gold Supp
36730Ariel Premium Supply IncMMRT Gold Supp
37143Ash CityMMRT Gold Supp
37127Ash City USAMMRT Gold Supp
37159AspenlineMMRT Gold Supp
37590AvalineMMRT Gold Supp
37940Bag Makers IncMMRT Gold Supp
63490BARSKA OpticsMMRT Gold Supp
38670Barton Nelson IncMMRT Gold Supp
39250Beacon Promotions IncMMRT Gold Supp
39590Bella-AloMMRT Gold Supp
40481Bic Graphic CanadaMMRT Gold Supp
40480Bic Graphic USAMMRT Gold Supp
40625Blakar IncMMRT Gold Supp
68244Blouin DisplaysMMRT Gold Supp
40653Blue GenerationMMRT Gold Supp
40788Bodek and RhodesMMRT Gold Supp
42090Broder Bros., CoMMRT Gold Supp
42330Bruce Fox IncMMRT Gold Supp
42424BulletMMRT Gold Supp
43008C N I JMMRT Gold Supp
43442Calibre International LLCMMRT Gold Supp
43530California TattoosMMRT Gold Supp
43682Canada Sportswear CorpMMRT Gold Supp
43785Capitol Sales Co IncMMRT Gold Supp
43853CardLab, IncMMRT Gold Supp
43920Carlson CraftMMRT Gold Supp
44620Charles River ApparelMMRT Gold Supp
43016China ImprintMMRT Gold Supp
45523Coast Fulfillment CorporationMMRT Gold Supp
45534Collins Brothers, LLCMMRT Gold Supp
91263Colorado TimberlineMMRT Gold Supp
46420Continental Mkting Svc IncMMRT Gold Supp
46211Contract Customizing LLCMMRT Gold Supp
43051CPSMMRT Gold Supp
47700Crown ProductsMMRT Gold Supp
47820Csonka WorldwideMMRT Gold Supp
47934Custom HBC CorpMMRT Gold Supp
47971Custom Printing II LTDMMRT Gold Supp
47965Cutter & BuckMMRT Gold Supp
48028D & D DesignsMMRT Gold Supp
48500Dard Products IncMMRT Gold Supp
48501Dard Products Inc CanadaMMRT Gold Supp
48520Dart Business AccessoriesMMRT Gold Supp
48499DDI International, LLCMMRT Gold Supp
48885DebcoMMRT Gold Supp
49172Delta Apparel IncMMRT Gold Supp
49716DIGISPEC (R)MMRT Gold Supp
49807Direct Connections IncMMRT Gold Supp
50287Dollar Days IncMMRT Gold Supp
50861DrinxMMRT Gold Supp
51752Edwards Garment CoMMRT Gold Supp
51817Elasto Form KGMMRT Gold Supp
52471Enhance America IncMMRT Gold Supp
52493Ennis IncMMRT Gold Supp
52495Ennis Inc/Advertising ConceptsMMRT Gold Supp
31008Envelopes.comMMRT Gold Supp
63855ESP CanadaMMRT Gold Supp
51197ETS Express IncMMRT Gold Supp
52835Eva Tees IncMMRT Gold Supp
52840Evans ManufacturingMMRT Gold Supp
52841Evans Manufacturing CanadaMMRT Gold Supp
53450FabrikoMMRT Gold Supp
53530Falcon Promotional ProductsMMRT Gold Supp
54100Fields Manufacturing IncMMRT Gold Supp
54327First Commemorative Mint IncMMRT Gold Supp
54887FM ExpressionsMMRT Gold Supp
55145Fossil Corporate MarketsMMRT Gold Supp
55675Galaxy Balloons IncMMRT Gold Supp
55752Game Sportswear LTDMMRT Gold Supp
55875Garment GearMMRT Gold Supp
55990GarylineMMRT Gold Supp
56070GemlineMMRT Gold Supp
56149Gemtime, IncMMRT Gold Supp
56816Gift Program.comMMRT Gold Supp
56814Gift ServicesMMRT Gold Supp
56879Giftpoint Ltd.MMRT Gold Supp
56950Gill Studios IncMMRT Gold Supp
57653Gold Bond IncMMRT Gold Supp
55549Golden Pacific IntlMMRT Gold Supp
57890Grabber, IncMMRT Gold Supp
57904Grace CollectionMMRT Gold Supp
55571Graphics HouseMMRT Gold Supp
58135Greater ChinaMMRT Gold Supp
58295GrolineMMRT Gold Supp
58842H T T Apparel & HeadwearMMRT Gold Supp
60940Harco Industries IncMMRT Gold Supp
60135Hartwell Classic ApparelMMRT Gold Supp
60582Heritage Sportswear IncMMRT Gold Supp
61125Hit Promotional ProductsMMRT Gold Supp
61492Holden Custom ProductsMMRT Gold Supp
61430Holloway Sportswear IncMMRT Gold Supp
61966Hub Pen CoMMRT Gold Supp
61968Hub Pen CoMMRT Gold Supp
62122iCard SystemsMMRT Gold Supp
62124iClick, Inc.MMRT Gold Supp
68771Impress DepotMMRT Gold Supp
35498InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions, LLCMMRT Gold Supp
62960Its All Greek To MeMMRT Gold Supp
62972Ivory HeadwearMMRT Gold Supp
62979JC Manufacturing and Marketing CoMMRT Gold Supp
63344JetlineMMRT Gold Supp
91340Journalbooks/Timeplanner CalendarsMMRT Gold Supp
65180Kittrich CorporationMMRT Gold Supp
65440Knick Knack IncMMRT Gold Supp
63776KTI Networks IncMMRT Gold Supp
66040Label Works, a Navitor CompanyMMRT Gold Supp
66224Lanco CorporationMMRT Gold Supp
66887Leed'sMMRT Gold Supp
67779Live WorldlyMMRT Gold Supp
67866Logomark IncMMRT Gold Supp
68109Lucas IndustriesMMRT Gold Supp
68680Maple Ridge Farms IncMMRT Gold Supp
68874Marmot Mountain LLCMMRT Gold Supp
69594Matrix SourceMMRT Gold Supp
69712Max Sales Group IncMMRT Gold Supp
69885McCreary's TeesMMRT Gold Supp
70130Medalcraft Mint IncMMRT Gold Supp
70302Media Supply IncMMRT Gold Supp
70649Mercury Luggage Mfg CoMMRT Gold Supp
70830MetropakMMRT Gold Supp
71685Mid-Nite Snax (R)MMRT Gold Supp
71906Modern Marketing Concepts IncMMRT Gold Supp
71920Moderne Glass Company IncMMRT Gold Supp
72025Monarch Robe & Towel CoMMRT Gold Supp
73011National Gift CardMMRT Gold Supp
73450Nationwide Pennant & Flag MfgMMRT Gold Supp
81500Navitor IncMMRT Gold Supp
72808NES Clothing CoMMRT Gold Supp
73867Next Level ApparelMMRT Gold Supp
74314Norwood CanadaMMRT Gold Supp
92185Norwood Triumph CalendarsMMRT Gold Supp
74400Norwood USMMRT Gold Supp
74331NoteablesMMRT Gold Supp
74360NoteworthyMMRT Gold Supp
74710NumoMMRT Gold Supp
74830Occunomix International LLCMMRT Gold Supp
74951Old Toledo BrandsMMRT Gold Supp
75110OOBEMMRT Gold Supp
75350Otto Intl IncMMRT Gold Supp
75825Panther VisionMMRT Gold Supp
43076Paper Group CompanyMMRT Gold Supp
76730Peerless Umbrella Co IncMMRT Gold Supp
78100Pilgrim Plastic Products IncMMRT Gold Supp
78820Pima Apparel IncMMRT Gold Supp
78140Pinnacle DesignsMMRT Gold Supp
78825Points Of Light IncMMRT Gold Supp Inc./US Airways Dividend Miles Business PerksMMRT Gold Supp
 Polyconcept North AmericaMMRT Gold Supp
79083Power Sales And AdvertisingMMRT Gold Supp
79538Prime Memory Solution IncMMRT Gold Supp
79540Prime Resources Corp (Canada)MMRT Gold Supp
79530Prime Resources Corp (USA)MMRT Gold Supp
79570PrintgearMMRT Gold Supp
79558PrintingForLess.comMMRT Gold Supp
79680Pro Golf Premiums IncMMRT Gold Supp
79750Pro TowelsMMRT Gold Supp
79688Prodir S.A.MMRT Gold Supp
 Profil HoldingsMMRT Gold Supp
93134PromoAmericaMMRT Gold Supp
80089Purr-Fection By MJCMMRT Gold Supp
80150Quick Point IncMMRT Gold Supp
80210Quikey Mfg Co IncMMRT Gold Supp
82171Resolution Graphics IncMMRT Gold Supp
82588River's End TradingMMRT Gold Supp
84358S & S ActivewearMMRT Gold Supp
84470SabinaMMRT Gold Supp
84820Sanders Mfg CompanyMMRT Gold Supp
84833Sanford Business-To-BusinessMMRT Gold Supp
84863SanMarMMRT Gold Supp
84864SanMar CanadaMMRT Gold Supp
85988Screenmates/ParagonMMRT Gold Supp
86043Seba InternationalMMRT Gold Supp
86364Semco Plastics/AmeriCraft Promotional ProductsMMRT Gold Supp
86475Service Ideas IncMMRT Gold Supp
87188Showdown DisplaysMMRT Gold Supp
87250Signature CardMMRT Gold Supp
88060Snugz/USA IncMMRT Gold Supp
88188Sonoma Promotional SolutionsMMRT Gold Supp
88660Spector & Co.MMRT Gold Supp
88877Sportsman Cap NetworkMMRT Gold Supp
88874Sportsource IncMMRT Gold Supp
89195Star Award Ribbon CoMMRT Gold Supp
89213Starline Industries IncMMRT Gold Supp
89320Starline USA IncMMRT Gold Supp
89380Staton Corporate and CasualMMRT Gold Supp
89663Sterling Cut Glass Co IncMMRT Gold Supp
89910Stouse IncMMRT Gold Supp
86390StyleWrite(TM)MMRT Gold Supp
90142Sun N Sand AccessoriesMMRT Gold Supp
90075SunscopeMMRT Gold Supp
90305Sweda Company LLCMMRT Gold Supp
90713Team ConceptMMRT Gold Supp
90807TekweldMMRT Gold Supp
90917Testrite Visual ProductsMMRT Gold Supp
35722The Americana CompanyMMRT Gold Supp
46743The Corporate Marketplace IncMMRT Gold Supp
68507The Magnet GroupMMRT Gold Supp
91120Thinc ActionwearMMRT Gold Supp
91229TMD HoldingsMMRT Gold Supp
91530Toppers, LLCMMRT Gold Supp
91534Toppy-TMMRT Gold Supp
91605Towel SpecialtiesMMRT Gold Supp
91760Tradenet PublishingMMRT Gold Supp
92122Trimark Sportswear Group IncMMRT Gold Supp
92125Tri-MountainMMRT Gold Supp
92048TRITON Poker Chip CompanyMMRT Gold Supp
90518TSC ApparelMMRT Gold Supp
90522TSF SportswearMMRT Gold Supp
92325Tukaiz LLCMMRT Gold Supp
92480UniflexMMRT Gold Supp
92485Uniontex IndustriesMMRT Gold Supp
92646United Home Technologies, LLCMMRT Gold Supp
93601Universal PrintingMMRT Gold Supp
92429USA ConnectMMRT Gold Supp
93103USColorWorksMMRT Gold Supp
93251ValumarkMMRT Gold Supp
93390Vantage ApparelMMRT Gold Supp
93391Vantage ApparelMMRT Gold Supp
93755Victorinox Swiss Army, IncMMRT Gold Supp
93917Virginia T's IncMMRT Gold Supp
93986Visions AwardsMMRT Gold Supp
93990Vitronic Promotional GroupMMRT Gold Supp
94225Ward/Kraft, Inc.MMRT Gold Supp
95765WearMagicMMRT Gold Supp
97278Windsor Vineyards/Vintage Wine EstatesMMRT Gold Supp
97292Wine Appreciation Guild LTDMMRT Gold Supp
98104Wolf Manufacturing Company IncMMRT Gold Supp
98302World Import CompanyMMRT Gold Supp
98415WS DisplayMMRT Gold Supp
99278Zoo PrintingMMRT Gold Supp
912403M/Promotional Markets DeptMMRT Gold Supp
30245A T T HeadwearMMRT Silver Supp
30000AAAmazinglineMMRT Silver Supp
31518ADNART INCMMRT Silver Supp
32180Advance CorporationMMRT Silver Supp
32153Advanced Acrylic DesignsMMRT Silver Supp
33280AkwaMMRT Silver Supp
34262All Book Covers IncMMRT Silver Supp
34330Allen Company/TheMMRT Silver Supp
35375American AccentsMMRT Silver Supp
35500American Greenwood IncMMRT Silver Supp
30281Ammatac CorporationMMRT Silver Supp
16000AnaJet IncMMRT Silver Supp
36320Antigua Group IncMMRT Silver Supp
36978Art Unlimited SportswearMMRT Silver Supp
37355Atlantic Coast CottonMMRT Silver Supp
37245Atlas Embroidery & Screen PrinintgMMRT Silver Supp
38120Ball Pro IncMMRT Silver Supp
38195Balloon House/Balloons OvernightMMRT Silver Supp
38228BamBamsMMRT Silver Supp
37701BCH Unique IncMMRT Silver Supp
39425Beemak Plastics LLCMMRT Silver Supp
40217Berghoff Intl IncMMRT Silver Supp
40485Big AccessoriesMMRT Silver Supp
40705Boardroom Custom ClothingMMRT Silver Supp
42868Business Stationery LLCMMRT Silver Supp
42920Busrel IncMMRT Silver Supp
42970C.Sanders Emblems, L.P.MMRT Silver Supp
43270Calconix IncMMRT Silver Supp
43806Caravan Canopy Intl IncMMRT Silver Supp
43993Carolina Made IncMMRT Silver Supp
44305Castelli North America IncMMRT Silver Supp
44500Certif-A-Gift CoMMRT Silver Supp
44900Chocolate Inn/Taylor & GrantMMRT Silver Supp
45330Classic Medallics IncMMRT Silver Supp
45450CleggPromoMMRT Silver Supp
46170Compass Industries IncMMRT Silver Supp
46573Cooper & Clement IncMMRT Silver Supp
46700Co-Rect ProductsMMRT Silver Supp
46777Cotton Connection IncMMRT Silver Supp
46756Cotton Love, LLCMMRT Silver Supp
46767CounterPoint (R)MMRT Silver Supp
47204CredentialExpressMMRT Silver Supp
47759Crystal DMMRT Silver Supp
47916CustomBagDirect.comMMRT Silver Supp
49325Design Franc Art IncMMRT Silver Supp
48009DG PromoMMRT Silver Supp
47977DGroup TrevelyanMMRT Silver Supp
49675Dickies Occupational WearMMRT Silver Supp
48000DLX Industries IncMMRT Silver Supp
50256Docupak, IncMMRT Silver Supp
48052DXM Marketing GroupMMRT Silver Supp
51561Eco MarrinMMRT Silver Supp
51201EK EkcessoriesMMRT Silver Supp
52484EndurapackMMRT Silver Supp
52710Essef Distributors IncMMRT Silver Supp
53418Executive Apparel IncMMRT Silver Supp
44485Fahrenheit Headwear/Century 21 PromotionsMMRT Silver Supp
53633Fan in a Box, LLCMMRT Silver Supp
54040Fey Promotional Products GroupMMRT Silver Supp
53509FIEL-Fairdeal Import & ExportMMRT Silver Supp
56720Giacona CorporationMMRT Silver Supp
57668Golden State T'sMMRT Silver Supp
73295GoldstarMMRT Silver Supp
57711GoldstarMMRT Silver Supp
57800Gordon SinclairMMRT Silver Supp
14975Graphics One, LLCMMRT Silver Supp
58112Great Lakes Dart Mfg IncMMRT Silver Supp
61670Harvest Industrial & Trade Co LtdMMRT Silver Supp
60724High Sierra Sport CoMMRT Silver Supp
61820Hospitality Mints LLCMMRT Silver Supp
61960Hotline ProductsMMRT Silver Supp
62050HumphreyLine IncMMRT Silver Supp
62274Impact Design LLCMMRT Silver Supp
62483Imprint PlusMMRT Silver Supp
62660Innovation Line by Innovation SpecialtiesMMRT Silver Supp
62820International Merch ConceptsMMRT Silver Supp
62860IRIS Ltd. IncMMRT Silver Supp
63014J & J ManufacturingMMRT Silver Supp
62985J Charles Crystalworks IncMMRT Silver Supp
63009J I T Manufacturing IncMMRT Silver Supp
63302Jensen Promotional Items IncMMRT Silver Supp
63304Jerico SportswearMMRT Silver Supp
63698Justin Case (R)MMRT Silver Supp
64860King Louie AmericaMMRT Silver Supp
63774KTS IncMMRT Silver Supp
66238LandwayMMRT Silver Supp
67075Leprechaun Promotions, LLCMMRT Silver Supp
67230Lewtan Industries CorpMMRT Silver Supp
67557Limelight EntMMRT Silver Supp
68190Lungsal Int'l IncMMRT Silver Supp
68873Marlo Plastic Products IncMMRT Silver Supp
69718Maxplus International IncMMRT Silver Supp
70053Mcklein Co LLCMMRT Silver Supp
70303MediaTreeMMRT Silver Supp
70413Medport LLCMMRT Silver Supp
71475Minimedia Intl IncMMRT Silver Supp
71831Mitchell Rubber Products IncMMRT Silver Supp
68288MMI International TradeMMRT Silver Supp
71980Molenaar LLCMMRT Silver Supp
73525Neet Feet IncMMRT Silver Supp
55514Nicholas FulfillmentMMRT Silver Supp
74357Notes Inc (TM)MMRT Silver Supp
74600Nucom/Burk's BayMMRT Silver Supp
75731Pacific Western Sales IncMMRT Silver Supp
76675Pedre Promotional Products IncMMRT Silver Supp
77040Pencoa of L.I. / SupermaticMMRT Silver Supp
77340Perfect Match IntlMMRT Silver Supp
78137PinglineMMRT Silver Supp
79384Preferred Nation IncMMRT Silver Supp
79396Presentation Folder IncMMRT Silver Supp
79576Printing Concepts, Inc.MMRT Silver Supp
79653Private Label Executive GiftsMMRT Silver Supp
79898Promovision PalominoMMRT Silver Supp
79980ProvidenceMMRT Silver Supp
47962QpromoMMRT Silver Supp
80129Quake City CapsMMRT Silver Supp
75530R S Owens & Co IncMMRT Silver Supp
80490Rainkist Umbrella CoMMRT Silver Supp
81080Red Wing BagsMMRT Silver Supp
81350Regal Poly-PakMMRT Silver Supp
84346Resellers EdgeMMRT Silver Supp
80289RMK Worldwide IncMMRT Silver Supp
83770Royal IndustriesMMRT Silver Supp
87819Scentco IncMMRT Silver Supp
86565Seville GearMMRT Silver Supp
86785ShedRain CorporationMMRT Silver Supp
86850Shepenco/Shelbyville Pencil Co, IncMMRT Silver Supp
87296Simba Cal IncMMRT Silver Supp
87400Simple SignmanMMRT Silver Supp
88167Somerville EnterpriseMMRT Silver Supp
88242Source Abroad IncMMRT Silver Supp
88583Specialty MaterialsMMRT Silver Supp
84569St Andrews GolfMMRT Silver Supp
84583St John's Trophies LtdMMRT Silver Supp
57655STOPNGO LineMMRT Silver Supp
89955Stromberg BrandMMRT Silver Supp
90154Sunjoy Group IncMMRT Silver Supp
90712TechPromosDirect.comMMRT Silver Supp
90913Terry TownMMRT Silver Supp
34048The Alison GroupMMRT Silver Supp
53423The Executive HouseMMRT Silver Supp
58227The Greene CompanyMMRT Silver Supp
79370The Premium LineMMRT Silver Supp
91132Thirstystone Resources IncMMRT Silver Supp
77384Thomas Perlmutter AdvertisingMMRT Silver Supp
91320Time Products InternationalMMRT Silver Supp
91475TOP-USA CorpMMRT Silver Supp
91541Tornado PromotionsMMRT Silver Supp
91880Tranter Graphics IncMMRT Silver Supp
92012Trendex IncMMRT Silver Supp
90507TRG GroupMMRT Silver Supp
92293True FabricationsMMRT Silver Supp
92354Turfer SportswearMMRT Silver Supp
92326Turnkey Merchandise Programs, LLCMMRT Silver Supp
93131US Flash & Technologies LLCMMRT Silver Supp
93520Ventura IncMMRT Silver Supp
80060VisionUSAMMRT Silver Supp
95280Warwick Publishing CoMMRT Silver Supp
95320Wasatch Tees of AtlantaMMRT Silver Supp
96640WBT IndustriesMMRT Silver Supp
95838Webb CompanyMMRT Silver Supp
98290World Wide Lines IncMMRT Silver Supp
92980WOV-IN(R)MMRT Silver Supp
98907ZaavyMMRT Silver Supp