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Jack NadelSince its inception, Jack Nadel International (asi/279600) has always focused on providing the best promotional solutions while maintaining a family-friendly environment. “We always felt that we were a family business, and we’ve maintained that close feeling,” says founder Jack Nadel. “We’ve always encouraged employees’ other family members to join us. It’s worked for us and we’re stronger than ever.”

Early on, Jack’s brother Marty joined the company as CEO, but sadly passed away nine years ago. Since then, Marty’s son Craig took over the position and has “maintained the company’s character and capabilities at a high level,” says Jack Nadel.

The family environment has been a mainstay at the company for decades. There are several husband-and-wife teams, as well as members of multiple generations from one family. Even long-time friends are employees; Craig Nadel’s best friend from high school works in the office directly next to his. “One of our senior vice presidents was good friends with my brother growing up, and I knew him when I was in 8th grade,” he adds.

In addition to the family feel, the management team at JNI goes through a lengthy screening process when hiring sales reps to make sure it’s a good fit. “We don’t just want everyone we can get,” says Nadel. “We try to portray ourselves, both pros and cons, as we are. We’ll either decide someone isn’t a good fit, or they’ll learn about us and decide not to pursue. This decreases our marriage rate, but there’s less disappointment from either end. We have a lot of long-term employees, so the proof is in the pudding.”

This environment works for JNI, which saw sales of $92.4 million in 2014. Plus, sales are up 10% in 2015, and the company has grown total sales by 50% over the past five years. “Everyone from the management team to our furthermost offices share a great deal of esteem for one another, and that atmosphere creates growth,” says Nadel. “The most important thing is the people, and we are very fortunate to have great ones.” – SL