Counselor State of the Industry 2014 - The Road Ahead

8 Trends Driving Distributors' Businesses Forward

State of the Industry 2014The State of the Industry survey reveals eight trends that are driving distributors’ businesses forward. Here, we analyze the opportunities and challenges provided by each.

The ad specialty market is shifting rapidly. There are new sets of clients, new types of competitors, changing personnel, and pressures on the business that simply didn’t exist just a few years ago.

And, the data in Counselor’s exclusive 2014 State of the Industry survey reveals the trends that are impacting the market the most. From the price pressure on distributors and the fear of online competitors, to the growth of the health-care sector and the rapid of expansion of e-commerce in distributor operations, the trends are presenting a clear roadmap for industry firms to follow as they plan their business for the next few years.

Indeed, each of the eight trends in the following section – presented along with State of the Industry data to support each finding – offer distributors opportunities to capitalize on and challenges to overcome. Within each story, we analyze the steps to success and the roadblocks in the way of distributors – providing a more clear road ahead in which distributors can operate their companies more successfully.

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