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World According to Woz

As the man who single-handedly designed the first two computers sold by Apple, Steve Wozniak is uniquely equipped to predict how new technologies in the future will impact everyday life.

Exclusive Interview With Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak »

Shift Change

If you ask Apple’s Siri what businesses should invest in, she sends you to the closest personal financial planner.

Make A 3-Year Plan That Follows The Path Of The Best Brands »

Trend Watch

Want to know the industry’s hottest business trends for 2015? They may surprise you.

4 Trends Sure To Impact Your Business Next Year »

Imagining 2024

Counselor delves into its crystal ball and came up with 24 bold predictions.

What Business Will Look Like In 10 Years »

Q3 Supplier Sales Increase 4.7%

Industry supplier sales rose by 4.7% in the third quarter of 2014, according to data released today by ASI.

Rise Is 19th Consecutive Quarterly Jump In Revenues »

EU Passes Plastic Bag Measure

The European Union has approved a deal to dramatically reduce the number of single-use plastic bags given out in retail stores.

Would Slash Number Of Bags By More Than 75% »

Company Owners Expect Hot Holiday Sales

American small business owners are bullish on holiday season sales, a new study says.

Far Better Than 2013 Projections »

Supplier Recalls Mobile Chargers

As first reported in a Breaking News Alert this morning, supplier firm AP Specialties (asi/30208) is recalling about 172,000 mobile power bank chargers.

Can Overheat And Cause A Fire Hazard »

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