Companies Intensify Investment In Content Marketing

48% Of Marketers In North America Devote At Least 10% Of Their Budget To Content Creation

Content MarketingTo engage customers and drive brand awareness, marketers are increasingly investing in content marketing. A new survey from Unisphere Research reveals that 48% of marketers in North America devote at least 10% of their budget to content creation. Meanwhile, 19% of survey respondents allocate more than 25% of budgets to content. "Today's enterprises are ramping up their content marketing strategies to capture buyers' attention through social channels and provide prospects with informative content to improve thought leadership," said Joe McKendrick, research analyst at Unisphere Research.

As McKendrick indicates, marketers are intensifying their use of social media to deliver content. Some 65% of respondents say they're utilizing these channels – particularly Facebook and Twitter – to connect with wider audiences. Nonetheless, company websites, e-mail campaigns and public relations remain the top three mediums through which marketers deliver content, the study found.

As investments increase, businesses are formalizing their approach to content marketing, with nearly half saying they have concrete strategic plans for content. Most often, the type of content that marketers produce are articles, videos and blogs. Such content is typically created in-house, with 87% of marketers saying they make digital content internally.

Going forward, investment in content marketing is poised to increase. Executives told Unisphere that their organizations typically produce 10 or fewer items a month, but many feel that volume and frequency is too low; they'd prefer to see 50 pieces produced monthly in the near future. Said McKendrick: "There is a need for a richer variety of content, delivered at greater frequency, and more closely measured."