Proforma Launches Program For Large Distributors

Offers Guarantee Of Success

Proforma MAXCounselor Top 40 distributor Proforma (asi/300094) announced that it has launched Proforma MAX, a new program aimed at large industry distributors. Proforma MAX, which provides an exclusive suite of services that helps larger distributors grow their top line sales, bottom line profits and improve their quality of life, also offers a guarantee of success. "This is a custom-tailored program for multimillion-dollar distributors," said Greg Muzzillo, founder of Proforma, in an interview with Counselor. "We're putting our money where our mouth is on this program by guaranteeing success and growth for large distributors."

Muzzillo said that the essence of the program will be found in Proforma's ability to match up industry reps with large distributors that join Proforma MAX. "These are companies that are looking to grow, and we can help them do that," Muzzillo said. "We have a database of 50,000 or so sales reps who have expressed interest in joining Proforma at one time or another. We can now match these people up with any new Proforma MAX distributors and essentially do the recruiting for them."

Ultimately, Muzzillo said, the Proforma MAX program is designed to provide distributors with assistance not only in recruiting sales reps, but also acquisitions and handling major account programs that these companies may not have been able to fulfill before. Muzzillo also said the program is meant to create an alternative exit strategy option for distributor owners who are looking to improve their quality of life. "We're calling Proforma MAX a lifestyle business, because we've learned that many large distributor owners are trying to determine what their end-game is with their business," Muzzillo said. "We have many services – through our 150-person support center and our technology platform – that can help to free owners up to run their businesses like they want. The program is designed to help them growth their business and their quality of life."

Proforma currently ranks as the second-largest industry distributor on the Counselor Top 40, after reporting 2012 North American ad specialty sales of $322.6 million, a 9% increase over the previous year. Muzzillo said the company is already in talks with some large distributors to join the Proforma MAX program, and forecasted that "one a month would be nice to sign up."