DDI International Partners With HALO

DDI Will Now Operate As Distributor

HALOSupplier firm DDI International (asi/48499) has signed a partnership agreement with Top 40 distributor HALO Branded Solutions (asi/356000), which will effectively turn DDI into a distributor operation. DDI will now adopt its distributor ASI number – asi/177295 – and will be known as DDI International, LLC Powered by HALO Branded Solutions. Bonni Sandy, president and CEO of DDI, will remain in her role as leader and owner of the company and DDI will now use the back-end services (technology, finance, support) of HALO as it transforms into a distributor firm.

"My role at DDI has been and will continue to be as a high-level executive working with ranking representatives of Fortune 500 companies in an effort to determine and fulfill their promotional advertising needs," Sandy told Counselor. "Being powered by HALO Branded Solutions, we are able to additionally provide infrastructure, order management, and customer support systems on an outsourced basis."

DDI and HALO remain separate companies with a partnership agreement that allows for shared resources. Sandy will now focus DDI on working with large and mid-size clients on custom programs and promotional orders. The company counts Fortune 500 clients such as Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Monsanto, and Boeing as part of its customer base. Previously as a supplier, DDI was named to Counselor's Fastest-Growing Supplier list earlier this year, with more than 500% revenue growth over the past two years.

HALO Branded Solutions ranks as the sixth-largest distributor in the industry, after reporting North American ad specialty revenues of $186.2 million in 2012.