Twitter Tops Facebook For Biz Engagement

93% Of Businesses Are Turning To Twitter

TwitterIn the latest round of social media competition, Twitter appears to have gained an edge on Facebook, according to a new study. The just-released survey from Livefyre, a social software start-up, shows that 93% of businesses are turning to Twitter for real-time social content curation. That compares to the 89% of businesses who are using Facebook, according to the study, which was based on responses from more than 200 executives in a range of industries. "Twitter appears to be the most important social curation tool for businesses," says Mia Gralla, marketing manager at Livefyre.

Heidi Thorne wouldn't argue Gralla on the point. The CEO of Thorne Communications (asi/344244) says being active on Twitter has enabled her to gain valuable new clients and drive traffic to her various websites. In addition to also helping nurture business relationships, Twitter has served as a kind of market research tool for Thorne, aiding her, for example, in connecting with people who can offer insights into industries she targets. "It's worked very well, helping me to build my business and to build resources for my business," said Thorne.

While businesses are eagerly tapping into Twitter, the Livefyre survey found that only 50% of respondents report aggregating and displaying YouTube videos. Meanwhile, the newer Instagram appears to be gaining steam, with 41% of businesses curating pictures from the photo/video sharing platform, which is owned by Facebook.

Overall, 82% of businesses have bolstered user engagement by curating social activity about their brand and integrating it into their websites and mobile apps, Livefyre found. "It can be challenging for brands to produce enough content to keep viewers interested and engaged," said Gralla, "but social curation enables marketers to tap into what people are already saying about their brands on social networks and use it to promote products."