Bangladesh Workers Struck By Hysteria

450 Workers At Dhaka Factory Affected

Mass Hysteria in BangladeshTests run by officials in Bangladesh have shown that factory workers there did not get sick from contaminated water, but instead likely suffered through a recent mass hysteria outbreak. About 450 workers at the Starlight Sweater factory near Dhaka were left with vomiting and stomach problems earlier this month, but samples did not reveal any unusual elements in the water.

This past weekend, another round of employees reported feeling sick at the East West Factory in the nation's Gazipur district. None of the workers are facing life-threatening illnesses, doctors have said. Officials at the Institute of Epidemiology, Disease control and Research in Bangladesh conducted the Dhaka tests and concluded that the factory's water supply is not fit for consumption. Still, doctors said most workers recovered quickly, contending that dehydration and empty stomachs during summers were contributing factors to the outbreak.

Government officials in Bangladesh have reportedly begun health programs to ease concerns of employees – who are mostly women – following the recent incidents. The burgeoning garment industry in Bangladesh has been under heightened scrutiny of late after more than 1,000 factory workers were killed in a building collapse in April.