Geiger Family Shows Support For Sick Employee

Owner And Sons Shave Head In Support Of Co-Worker With Cancer

GeigerTop 40 distributor Geiger (asi/202900) held its annual Galaxy of the Stars sales conference this week in Ogunquit, ME. And while the nearly 150 people in attendance gathered to share war stories and celebrate their accomplishments, it was a single gesture by the company's owners that everybody in attendance will be talking about for years to come. Gene Geiger, the company's CEO, decided that he wanted to show his support for Stanton Toler, a Geiger sales rep who has cancer and would be attending the conference. "People are always expecting me to do some odd things at these events," Geiger told Counselor. "So, I figured this would be a good opportunity."

Knowing that Toler has gone through five rounds of chemotherapy and radiation and has lost his hair as a result, Geiger hired a local barber to come to the conference – razor in hand – to shave his head. Of course, he also convinced his two sons (David and Jeff, shown with Gene and Toler in the picture below) to part with their hair, too.

"It was a good show of our solidarity and support for a great guy and great employee who is struggling with this illness right now," Geiger said. "We're more than a business. We're a family business, and our employees are all included in that. It was a really heartwarming event, and I think it was a touching moment for all of our people who were there."