Clegg Recalls Power Banks

CleggPromo is Voluntarily Recalling its CPB-100 Power Bank

As first reported in a Breaking News Alert last week, supplier firm CleggPromo (asi/45450) announced that it is voluntarily recalling its CPB-100 power bank, item number 625401. Clegg said that it sold only about 1,000 total pieces of the product between January 2014 and April 2015. The item is being recalled due to the possibility that it can overheat when in use. There have been no reports of injury from the product.

“CleggPromo strives to provide innovative products that have been tested and have the correlating safety documentation,” said Chris Hodge, president of CleggPromo, in a statement. “Since joining the company early last year, I implemented independent product testing on our tech and CPSIA items to meet all required safety standards.”

The CPB-100 power bank is rectangular in shape and measures approximately 3.5 inches long by 1.75 inches wide by .75 inches deep. It has a cream body with a silver top and the word “POWERBANK” or “POWER BANK” written in white letters on the silver top. Clegg said it will provide a new certified power bank to anybody that has the CPB-100 in their possession.

This recall comes on the heels of multiple charger recalls within the past year-plus – both within the ad specialty industry and also at retail. In July 2014, supplier firm Jetline (asi/63344) recalled approximately 31,000 mobile power adapters that the company said were given away as trade show promotions nationwide between October 2013 and April 2014. Then, in the largest recall in the industry to date of these kinds of products, supplier firm AP Specialties (asi/30208) announced a recall in November 2014 of 172,000 mobile power bank chargers.