Optimism Increases Among Small-Business Owners

Ad Specialty Distributors Bullish This Year

Optimism Increases Among Small-Business OwnersSmall-business owners are optimistic about the economy, according to a mid-year survey conducted by financing company Balboa Capital. Sent to more than 35,000 companies nationwide in June, the poll reveals that 65% of small-business owners believe the U.S. economy is on the right track and will perform well during the final months of the year.

“This speaks to the improvements in revenue and cash flow that small businesses experienced throughout the first six months of 2015,” said Jake Dacillo, director of marketing at Balboa Capital.

Other key findings of the Balboa survey include the fact that nearly half of those surveyed think the economy will end the year with higher growth. One-third of business owners who responded want to expand operations in the third and fourth quarter of the year; 20% hope to purchase capital equipment and technology; 15% want to increase their inventory; and 9% want to increase their marketing efforts.

“This is consistent with recently published economic and employment numbers as they relate to small businesses,” Dacillo said of the findings.

In the ad specialty market, distributors have also been bullish so far this year. The Counselor Confidence Index in the first quarter reached its highest point ever, as distributors increased their sales by 3.5% in the first three months of the year. Counselor’s second-quarter sales report will be released early next month.