Mylchreest Leaving Sourcing City

Effective July 1

Mylchreest Leaving Sourcing CityAlistair Mylchreest, the CEO of UK-based Sourcing City, is leaving the firm to pursue a new venture in the United States. Effective July 1, David Long, the chairman and founder of Sourcing City, will be resuming the role of CEO.

“Alistair and I were good friends before he joined us, we have formed a great team whilst he was here, and both of us will continue to be close and loyal friends in the future,” Long said. “I am proud about what we have achieved, passionate about what we do as a company every day, and still ambitious for the future – we have a great team and the company’s story still has many more chapters to add.”

Mylchreest is joining Gateway 3D, a print-on-demand and customization company. He will focus on the B2C and B2B markets in North America, and emigrate with his family to the U.S.

“I leave Sourcing City as a successful business on the up, still growing, still innovating and with a wonderful team,” Mylchreest said. “David has of course led the company since its foundation, and with the current directors, Ella, Jason and Liz, they are aiming to take the business to the next level and I know they will continue to set the standards our company’s vision demands.”