Fire Destroys W.C. Bunting Factory

Digital Printing Offerings Temporarily Down

W.C. BuntingA three-alarm fire destroyed supplier W.C. Bunting’s (asi/42440) facility last week, although the family-owned firm remains in operation. Potteries in East Liverpool, OH, where W.C. Bunting is based, have offered the industry firm temporary space in which to operate. Sales Manager Pat O’Hara told Counselor that the company is filling all orders that involve kiln-fired imprints, and that new orders are being accepted. W.C. Bunting’s employees are printing and applying the imprints, which local partners are then kiln-firing onto various wares. “The printing and application is where you get the quality and that’s totally under our control,” said O’Hara.

While the kiln-fired division is up and running, W.C. Bunting’s digital printing offerings are temporarily out of commission. O’Hara is hoping to have digital back on line within a few days.

W.C. Bunting’s company e-mail addresses are operational, but the only way to reach the supplier by phone is through the number 800-322-4776. All calls will be returned, said O’Hara, noting that the phone company is engaged in getting other lines operational again. “We’re working very hard to meet our clients’ needs,” he said.

The fire at W.C. Bunting’s building erupted November 7 in the early morning hours. The blaze kept fire crews on scene for about five hours, according to local press reports. No injuries were reported, but the flames caused the roof to collapse and the building was ravaged. reported that the fire was concentrated on the left side of the facility where kilns were located. Investigators are working to determine an official cause.

Currently employing about 35 people, W.C. Bunting has operated as a pottery since 1946, said O’Hara. The supplier offers everything from imprinted mugs and steins, to tea pots, flower pots and more. “We very much appreciate our customers hanging in there with us,” O’Hara said. “We will get our orders out and we’ll continue to deliver the same quality standards we always have.”