Gillibrand Introduces Bill To Prohibit Phthalates

Bill Would Permanently Ban 3 Types

Ban PhthalatesU.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has introduced new legislation that would expand the scope of the government’s prohibition of phthalates in children’s products. The formal proposal, made public earlier this month, would expand the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) to ban phthalates in all children’s products, as opposed to just toys or child care items.

In addition, the bill would permanently ban three types of phthalates (DINP, DIDP and DnOP) that are on the temporarily prohibited list. Those phthalates – and the effect of phthalate and phthalate alternatives on children’s health – are currently being examined by the government-appointed Chronic Hazard Advisory Panel.

The new bill actualizes Gillibrand’s announced intentions to ban phthalates in all children’s products. Last December, the senator held a press conference with the New York Public Interest Research Group to publicize a report that highlights the choking hazards and toxicity in a range of popular toys carried by retailers. “It’s time for Congress to do more to protect our children from toxic chemicals and stop imported hazardous products in their tracks,” said Gillibrand.

Phthalates, a chemical used to make plastics softer and more pliable, have been a product safety concern since the CPSIA began regulating its levels in children’s toys. Numerous reports have linked the chemical in recent years to a variety of health issues, and many domestic manufacturers have begun phasing the chemical out of children’s products.