Promo Close-Up - Quite the Buzz

A Distributor Expands Her Contacts And Sales

Quite the BuzzWhen a client recently came to Talbot Promo (asi/341500) looking to create publicity for a new product launch, one promotional item buzzed its way to the top – a custom plush honeybee. But the entire campaign might have gone to another distributor if it weren’t for the persistence of one of Talbot’s top reps.

"I continually showed my contact new and innovative promotional products and ideas and always asked her to share my information with other departments," says Nina Sales, a business development executive at Talbot. "It took a few years, but my contact information was finally given to the company’s consumer products division."

Suddenly, Sales had a solid lead, but she still had to cash in. She had already proven her worth to the client’s human resources department, having worked for some time on an employee recognition program. A product launch, though, was a whole new opportunity. Building around the honeybee theme, Sales suggested custom sewn-in labels along with matching black and yellow coffee mugs and highlighters. Quickly, the client was all-in and more than 1,000 packages were distributed.

"The creation of a custom plush toy, further customized with labels, helped create awareness because of its uniqueness," says Marcy Rye, principal with Wire Media, a creative strategy firm. "Pairing the plush bee with functional, color-coordinated items made the entire package not only fun, but useful, thus generating more interest in the package."

Sales believes the project was successful because Talbot offered a clear, distinctive pitch and complemented it with a client-first approach. "Always provide excellent customer service throughout the entire process and offer unique, creative ideas," she says. "Always think outside the box. The promotional industry has so much to offer when it comes to using your imagination."

Rye notes that Talbot demonstrated the benefits of making continual connections. "By maintaining an ongoing relationship with the client, Talbot was able to be there at the right time when the client was ready to make a decision," she says. "Talbot was top of mind when the client was ready to try something new. Creativity gets results. By coming up with an original concept, Talbot’s creative thinking provided the edge the client needed to generate awareness and interest in the promotion."

Rye also believes that the promotional strategy was smart because it combined something fun with something functional – making the campaign especially appealing to end-users. "The client had confidence that Talbot would be able to help them deliver a winning package," she says. "By maintaining a high level of customer service, Talbot also created demand for additional sales."

The honeybee theme was no doubt an effective one and has given Sales a platform for future business. "It created quite a buzz around the office," she says. "There was such a great success with the promotional items chosen that their promotional inventory rapidly depleted, generating repeat orders."