Sonic Enters the Cloud

More About Sonic's Cloud Venture

About two years ago, the person responsible for all of Maryland-based Sonic Promos' (asi/329865) order tracking moved to Ohio. Owner Seth Weiner had no interest in hiring someone else to take over the role, so he looked into what other options the company had.

After doing some research, he discovered the cloud-based systems GoToMyPC and LogMeIn, which allowed the employee to access all of the information on the company server from Ohio.

"With the exception of smelling the aromatherapy candles and tasting the chocolates, the other employees are able to do everything," said Weiner.

The success of that effort led Sonic to encourage all of the company's 14 employees to get comfortable with these tools so they could work remotely. In the past six months, Sonic has moved to a completely cloud-based model for all the company's work. One sales rep now works full-time from Dallas.

Sonic holds weekly meetings, patching in remote workers through Skype. AOL Instant Messenger allows for more immediate communication between staff members, and occasionally they use YouTube or online video to show off products.

"I was in Nashville for a week, and I could work from there; I had a guy who was out this week for some family affairs, and he was able to access his whole account," says Weiner.