Fastest-Growing Supplier

#1 - Gotcha! Mobile Solutions

New product category and approach lead this supplier to quick growth.

Several years ago, Christopher Jenkin was standing on a chair yelling about mobile marketing to anyone who would listen. Jenkin, CEO of Dallas-based Gotcha! Mobile Solutions (asi/57851), recalls slowly gaining the attention of his audience and those of nearby groups who were part of a small tech symposium.

“I was telling people that if your website wasn’t mobile friendly then you were doomed, because smartphones were going to take over the world, since everybody was searching off of mobile devices, blah, blah, blah,” Jenkin says.

Not everybody was listening, though, including his former employer. Frustrated with his company’s outlook, Jenkin took his message elsewhere and started out on his own. He launched a business that’s seeing explosive growth based upon that premise that companies need to improve their mobile and digital offerings. Last year Gotcha! pulled in more than $2 million in sales, up from $246,000 in 2012, a little over a year after it was formed. And Jenkin just might be onto something. Marketers are predicted to spend $31 billion on mobile advertising by 2017, up from $8 billion in 2013, according to Chief Marketing Officer Council Worldwide. Jenkin is banking on that trend fueling a need by distributors and their clients to boost their mobile promotional marketing efforts.

Though Gotcha! doesn’t sell traditional tangible promotional products, Jenkin says the supplier is helping distributors offer greater promotional opportunities to their clients. “Our job is to help companies make more money online. Period,” Jenkin says. “And our distributors take the solutions that we offer and bring them to their customers.”

With services such as Web design, search optimization, QR code management and app development, Gotcha! offers technology – billed as a powerful promotional tool – that distributors can sell to their clients. Relying on partnerships with large distributor groups (Top 40 distributor Proforma is a top client), Gotcha! funnels its mobile marketing services to distributor clients, targeting distributors with sales upwards of $250,000 a year who have a solid foothold in the industry.

No doubt, it’s a unique promotional offering, but Jenkin believes that the industry needs shaking up, and he thinks he’s got the product offering to do it. With that, Jenkin has lofty goals – to grow the company to more than $40 million. Its growth rate so far has it on the right track.

Fastest-Growing Supplier: Gotcha! Mobile Solutions