Trends - Striped Dress Shirts

Stripes Aren't Just A Helpful Tool For Finding Waldo

Dress ShirtWoven shirts with stripes can be the perfect answer for corporate campaigns and trade shows.

It turns out that stripes aren’t just a helpful tool for finding Waldo. They’re also an ideal choice for sharp dressers looking for an elegant look, particularly in the form of pinstripes on button-down shirts and wovens.

The eye-catching contrast created by the stripe colors provides a streamlined, sophisticated style that’s perfect for making a statement in the corporate and uniforms markets. And while bigger and bolder stripes are showing up at the high-end retail level, vertical stripes of any kind on woven shirts remain a go-to look.

In the promotional industry, suppliers are taking advantage of demand for stripes with expanded options for both men and women. This year, Blue Generation (asi/40653) added Oxford dress shirts (BG8214/BG6214) in blue/white, burgundy/white and green/white pinstripes.

“The basic button-down collar woven silhouette is standard for the classic Oxford striped shirt,” says President Eric Rubin. “The appeal for this shirt spans almost every rung of the corporate ladder, or as we say, ‘from the mailroom to the boardroom.’”

Tri-Mountain (asi/92125) also offers several pinstriped button-down shirts, including the Charlwood (725), the Rosewood/Roseville (W982/WL982) and the Tyson/Taylor (W970/LB970). “The Tyson and Taylor are now available in black with a tonal black stripe,” says Danny Tsai, vice president of merchandising. “Pinstripes are a great complement to a solid-color suit, and even go great when paired just with slacks for a relaxed look. The vertical stripe is a timeless pattern that never goes out of style.”

When Cutter & Buck (asi/47965) introduced the Epic Easy-Care Bengal shirt (MCW01883) for 2014, it became one of the supplier’s best-selling dress shirt styles. To capitalize on the traction, it recently released the Epic Easy-Care Pinstripe (MCW02056) and the Epic Easy-Care Multistripe (MCW02057).

“Pinstripes are the ultimate in sophistication,” says Ty Cannon, national business development manager. “We’re finding they’re popular within any professional environment, including banking, sales, even tech companies.”

If you’re considering pitching stripes to a client, Tsai suggests emphasizing the distinctive color combinations that offer a fresh look beyond traditional solid colors. “Vertical stripes also create a flattering slimming effect for the wearer,” he adds. “Just make sure the stripe color and pattern work well with the end-user’s brand.”