Keep an Eye On - Knit Beanies

A Grunge Trend Hits The Fashion Runways And Promo Market

Knit BeanieThe recent revival of the 1990s grunge trend has brought the knit beanie to the forefront, as evidenced in Autumn/Winter 2013 Fashion Week ensembles by Chanel, Armani and Ralph Lauren. This simple-yet-hip accessory not only oozes chic, it’s a promotional industry favorite for its versatility across age and gender lines, as well as its notable capacity for brand advertising.

“Beanies are budget-friendly promotional items that are unisex in nature and come in several colors, lengths and fabrics,” says Cynthia Sims, PR and promotions manager for Virginia T’s Inc. (asi/93917). “Popular at retail and wholesale levels, beanies are here to stay.”

She notes that one of the major advantages to beanies is their varied styles and flexibility. “‘Wear it your way’ is today’s message,” she says. “For example, you can choose a long beanie and cuff it, or pull it down close to your head for less of a fashion statement and more of a ‘keep me warm’ purpose.” Plus, they come in a variety of stripes and other patterns as well as solids.

Sims suggests outdoor events as a promotional opportunity for beanies; she also suggests considering them as baby shower gifts. “Hosting a bonfire, an ice skating event or a ‘jingle bell run’ will call for a beanie,” she says. “Even brand new babies are often presented with a little knit beanie in the hospital to keep their body heat contained.”

The key, apparel suppliers say, of promoting the beanie is to target it to clients who are trying to reach a progressive audience. While it’s versatile and can appeal to many markets and buyers, it is a fashion-forward product right now. Target clients that are giving products out at youth events and even college campuses. Those are where promotional recipients will tend to use the product the most – and ultimately will garner the most advertising impressions.