Trends - Wool Works

A Timeless Fabric Proves Its Flexibility And Continues To Shine Today

WoolYou’d have to go a long way back to find a time when wool wasn’t in fashion. The benefits that were obvious then are still there today, though: Wool regulates temperature in both warm and cold weather, it naturally wicks away moisture, it’s easy to clean and it resists odor buildup.

Aside from its practicality, wool enjoys a perception of superior quality that adds an intangible advantage to any garment. “Due to its origin as a fiber from a living animal,” says Bayo Simmonds, president of Assertive Creativity LLC (asi/37166), “wool is often regarded as higher in value.”

For anyone looking to make a professional impression, that’s a strong appeal. “There is a special connection to the wearer when they put on a fine wool blend suit or suit separate,” says Taraynn Lloyd, marketing director for Edwards Garment (asi/51752). “You feel great wearing the garment and the quality is immediately noticed.” Lloyd notes how the unique comfort and timeless style of wool make those handsome garments perfect for a long night on the town, as well as a full day at the office.

Wool is hard to match, not just for desirability, but also for versatility. Wool socks possess unbeatable moisture-wicking and odor-resistant qualities, while a classic Merino wool V-neck sweater is the perfect combination of carefree ease and humble luxury. “The fabric has a soft hand and provides a supple drape to ensure that any style looks great,” says Lloyd.

Even irrepressibly hip headwear, from retro-chic Gatsby caps to always-cool baseball caps, have an undeniable authenticity when made with wool.

The ever-popular woolen varsity jacket is a mainstay for schools, but Simmonds also recommends them for any “team-driven markets” such as “companies who view their corporation as one big team,” or as a high-end gift item.

And as temperatures plunge, he suggests adding a quilted fill and a wool hood to make the jacket a deep-winter favorite for any client. To give Edwards’ clients a crucial upscale appeal, Lloyd says her company uses wool blend suits and separates to outfit staff at hotels and retail outlets or for restaurant and casino personnel. All of these choices allow clients to share what Lloyd rightfully calls wool’s “endless possibilities with style, color and comfort.”